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Reglass was the first company to introduce carbon masts into the windsurfing industry back in the late 90s .

We have always wanted our mast to be the best and following this mission we have now become a reference for the industry releasing new outstanding products whenever a new technology is available.

Our products are 100% engineered, designed and made in Italy in our premises located in Bologna. This means a total control on our production, a fast service for all our customers, the ability to solve any problem when and if problems occur. Last but really not least, by doing so, we have been keeping all our workforce and production in Italy preserving jobs for many families.

Maverx as a brand has been following the way of saying: Do not change a winning Team. We have kept valid this rule for 4 years; now time has come to introduce a whole new generation of masts.

We search and select the raw material we use choosing from the top and newest carbon fibers available on the market. Furthermore by producing resins ourselves that will be mixed with carbon fibers we can create the most adequate  pre-impregnated for each type of mast and percentage.

This is precisely what makes Reglass unique in the carbon tech. We have full control on the design and making of our masts and as a result we create totally unique handcrafts which differentiate by a lot from the typical off-the -shelf products around.

We are very proud and excited to introduce to the market our new 2022 line.



Albero Mx 100


MaverX is one of the best performing windsurfing mast  in the world. Completely built and designed in Italy by Reglass S.r.l., they can be used on any sail. Reglass is an Italian company leader in the highest quality carbon fiber applications with over 30 years of experience in the sector. It is the first ever producer of a carbon windsurf mast and in addition to its own brand, it also produces for OEM.


MaverX is the brand of the first Italian company to introduce a carbon mast into the world of windsurfing. I don't know if it's important or not. I think it is. It establishes a point. A before and an after.

Reglass does a bunch of very complex stuff for industry, for aerospace and the automotive sector; sectors focused on numbers, important digits, "serious stuff". The world of windsurfing represents the emotional soul of Reglass. It does not just focus on the numbers (luckily for me since I work in it). We do not have a client portfolio, but a portfolio of friends for which we produce what we're asked for, working with the same excitement they put in asking us. Sometimes we argue, a privilege that the business world can rarely grant. We don't discuss around a table in a hotel in a city that has no seaside, we don't wear ties at meetings. We laugh a lot. Reglass has stubbornly kept on producing in Italy something that it knows very well: carbon.

Many athletes have enjoyed themselves working for MaverX in the last 20 years: Cesare, Vittorio, Finnian, Valter, Francisco, Fabio, Mattia, Raimondo, Federico, Andrea, Nicola, Matteo, Thomas, Jochen; I'll miss some of them, but that's not the point. They are people who have contributed to making MaverX grow technically and emotionally. Being part of this family does not necessarily imply being the best;

it doesn't matter to be number one. It doesn't actually matter to be a number at all. This is the whole point.




MaverX is a brand of RDM Wave/Freestylewave and SDM masts for Slalom and Freeride. They are constant curve masts and they  adapt to the latest generation sails in some cases, due to the highest reflex improving the whole rig.

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Albero Elemento



Each MaverX product is subjected to strict quality controls. Production faults are covered by a warranty valid for 24 months from the date of purchase.

Albero Elemento

Energy, passion, and almost 30 years of experience in carbon fiber processing, to offer you maximum performance and durability. Enjoy your MaverX mast.

Come armare l'albero
Nerd's Corner

The mast is the backbone of the sail and, just as in a human body, is the core of its proper functioning. Any body, even the most trained, cannot express itself in ANY athletic gesture if its spine is not functioning properly!





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