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NEWS 2022



his is our top of the range mast. Its performance is so dramatically higher if compared to the other masts that we expect that Superleggero will have a long-lasting impact on the windsurfing world. It is a total revision of its predecessor we introduce ed into the market 5 years ago.


This is a completely new mast line, the result of a different vision. It is not just a slightly less “100% carbon masts. RHINO has been created  to cope with everything, to be the “only “ mast to bring along when travelling far away , when  in need to save space for transportation, when getting back on shore it is vital and swimming it is not the best option , when you try new tricks and the rate of failures is way higher than  success.

Grafica Rhino.jpg

This is our best seller in the line and for a good reason: it s reflex is outstanding, it s weight comparable to many 100% of other brands, its reliability is  phenomenal.

The MX85 Puma is the most versatile and best quality for money you can possibly choose.

Grafica Puma.jpg

The Lobo is the most affordable mast of our range  yet it it is still a Reglass mast built with the exact same care and  attention of  their higher carbon content bros while retaining a superb reflex and a very decent  weight.

Grafica Lobo.jpg
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