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Each Maverx product is subjected to rigorous quality controls during every single production phase. Each mast is weighed and measured in the IMCS machine to ensure that the technical characteristics comply with the specifications. Non-compliant masts are NOT placed on the market as a second choice, but destroyed, in line with the internal and ethical directives of Reglass S.r.l.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and / or material defects with a duration of twenty-four months (24) from the date of purchase.

This date must be proven by a delivery document issued by the seller (e.g. receipt), in which the following appear: the delivery date, the name of the seller, the identification details of the same (type, model).

Main defects in materials and workmanship

The faults of the materials, and in particular of the carbon composites, are normally highlighted in the initial use phase. If a mast is faulty (and this can happen), it breaks after a few trips. Breakages occurred after months of use, are hardly attributable to defects in material or production, but rather to shocks or stress following poorly executed maneuvers, impact with the seabed, whirled in the waves. This does not mean that the warranty is not recognized, but that it may be necessary on our part to analyze the broken parts to understand if the nature of the break occurred by delamination or by impact.

Albero Mx 100
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