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ELEMENTO is born - the new Slalom Maverx mast by Reglass S.r.l.

Element is the new completely redesigned MaverX mast for Slalom sails with or without camber.

Its genesis stemmed from the need to conceive a mast, by nature very performing, able to withstand enormous loads, to be light and to perfectly adapt to sail's profile.

Albero Elemento

We then used our experience as mast builders using for the first time the FEM analysis (finite element analysis hence the name chosen), to establish "theoretically" which profile, which mold, which material should be used to have less stress in the most critical areas.


A revolution in terms of profile, materials used, thicknesses and distribution of forces, which made it possible to develop a mast exactly corresponding to what we tried to achieve.

The first phase of theoretical test was followed by a prototype production which was tested on various sails. The results were excellent. The same working method (FEM analysis + test) is now used for all products. The production of masts, which in the world of windsurfing is historically rather artisanal, has been so elevated to something decidedly more precise and technologically advanced, as it happens in the industrial sectors that Reglass deals with.

The curves of our masts are constant. In recent years we have kept this parameter steady. We are among the first to understand it is the type of profile that least stresses the mast and to which all sail manufacturers now refer.


The compatibility of Element on slalom sails of various brands is therefore ensured.

Element is built in two versions 100% carbon and 70% carbon. The difference is only the percentage of glass fiber present at 30% in the 70 model.


Available measures:  

430  460  490

  • Curve: constant

  • Material: T800 Toray fiber, preimpregnated made in Reglass, Shark skin structural reinforcement in the boom area

  • Graft: glued, structured for a smooth curve

  • Weight (gr) 70%

    • 430         1900 

    • 460         2100

    • 490         2380

  • Weight (gr) 100%

    • 430         1390

    • 460         1700

    • 490         1880

Albero Elemento
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