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Completely redesigned for 2019 the new RDM Wave and Freestyle MaverX MX masts

The curves remain the same: they are constant curves, usable on almost all modern sails, which use, in most cases, this type of curve. However, remember that the curve is only one of the parameters and, in many cases, not even the most important able to make the sail work at its best.


As for the 2019 models, a lot of work has been done on new carbon arrangements, on the types of resins used and on the shape of the mast to obtain even more reflex. That is, a faster response when prompted by the glider. In fact, the task of a mast is not only the primary one of giving the design profile to the sail, but of maintaining it in gusts, that is, of returning the sail, when stressed by the wind, to its original shape as quickly as possible.


Unlike what has been produced so far in Reglass as the Maverx brand, the new models now have the same halves. This variation was necessary to standardize production to that of other brands produced by Reglass, thus optimizing the entire process.


It should be remembered that the construction of a carbon mast itself is very long and complex and the difference between the models of different brands is not due only to the type of fiber, which remains the starting point, but to the way in which it is prepared, to the way in which the prepreg is put on the mandrel and treated in the following steps. It is a process that lasts over 8 hours, during which the variables that influence the product are infinite. What happens over this long period of time is what makes masts made of the same material completely different and a Reglass tree superior to others.

MX 100

The MaverX flagship product, certainly one of the best performing masts on the market. It has an explosive response that makes it particularly suitable for onshore conditions where acceleration is a determining factor in getting out of the foams. It is undoubtedly a mast suitable for surfers with more experience and for those who are able to take full advantage of its characteristics. Like all products with superior characteristics, it is very light and, although very reliable, it requires a more careful use than masts with a lower carbon content.

Albero Mx 100
Albero Mx 85
MX 85

It is the best-selling mast of the Maverx line, an excellent compromise between lightness, performance and price. The grams that distinguish it from its older brother, MX 100 RDM are very few and certainly not fundamental. A small percentage of fiberglass makes it, actually, suitable for withstanding stress and washing machines in the waves more effectively. It is a mast definitely superior to any other in its category, 85% REAL, not just declared. We recommend it to experienced surfers, which is essential when traveling abroad to take as few risks as possible.

MX 70

It is a truly 70% mast with excellent characteristics in its category. It has an extremely affordable price: great if you want to buy a completely Italian product - there are no other products in this percentage of carbon, made in Italy -. It uses Reglass technology, the first company in the world to produce carbon masts. It is an extremely reliable mast, also suitable for experienced surfers who sail in extreme conditions and want to have a first or second mast with which to try out maneuvers, greatly reducing the risk of breaking in the event of an unexpected event.

All Reglass products benefit from a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase and a directly managed after-sales service

from Italy which allows to reduce assistance times.

Albero MX 70
Albero Mx Superleggero
Limited Edition Hardcore wave – 100% carbon prepreg- 100% Made in Italy


It is simply one of the lightest and most performing masts in the world, a reference from which many have taken inspiration. This mast was born from the experience and technology that characterized its predecessor, a mast that made history: the X1000, the first mast especially designed for the wave.


The Superleggero perfectly complements the RDM wave MX MaverX range. Despite being a constant curve, like the whole range of MaverX masts, it has a thinner pen profile which makes it more neutral, less less tense than the MX. It is in fact perfect for side conditions, when the rig must be light, as neutral as possible or for very light riders who want to have a softer feeling mast in their hands.


The Superleggero, like all MaverX masts, is a constant curve mast and fits very well to most of sails on the market, enhancing its characteristics.


Available in sizes: 370, 400 and 430.

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