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  • A carbon mast is built to withstand constant effort and blows. But it is not indestructible. To try to make it last longer and, in the first place, to make your outings safe, it needs care and attention.

  • Absolutely avoid blows to the mast, especially if at 100%. Carbon can begin to break invisibly inside its own structure, and the ultimate break can occurs just at the worst time. In case of doubt, we suggest you to replace the mast.

  • Do not leave the mast exposed to the sun. With an external temperature of + 30 ° C, the surface of the mast can reach and exceed 80 ° C, and this can damage the carbon structure. When not in use, leave the sail in the shade and let the downhaul go. It is a one-minute operation that gives to your mast months of life.

  • Always insert at least 15cm of extension in the SDM masts and 12cm in the RDMs.

  • Don't over tighten the boom, especially with SDM. If you deform the mast even slightly, you are on your way to breaking it.

  • Always use a rubber adapter between the boom handle and the mast that is long enough, thus you can distribute the efforts over a large surface. ADAPTERS SHORTER THAN 15 CM (there are some on the market) ARE THE CAUSE OF  BREAKDOWNS IN THE BOOM AREA.

  • While you mount the sail, always check and double check that the top and bottom of the mast are perfectly joined. Even a distance of a few millimeters between them is one of the most common causes of breakage. Tip: tape the joint with a piece of tape, in this case you will be sure that Top and Bottom are joined together, and you will not risk "nailing" the mast due to the sand that could otherwise infiltrate.

  • Use the case to carry your MaverX mast. Remember to handle it with care. Carbon is an extremely fragile material.

Albero Mx 100
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