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Jochen Stolz

jochen stolz

MAVERX MAST                                       MX 100


HOME SPOT                               EL CABEZO TENERIFE

DATE OF BIRTH                           23 February 1978

DISCIPLINE                                               WAVE

SAIL                                                   SIMMER STYLE

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3 Canarian Championships Waves TF 2008

1 Supersession Spanish Championships Waves TF 2008 



The Italian Carbon Manufacturing has a long tradition and is probably the best in the world. The best carbon products like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Competition Sailyachts, bikes and lots more is the result… I got lucky to get the chance to join the MAVERX MASTS team and am absolute happy to give my feedback to develop the best, strongest and most performing masts existing in the market… I try to push as hard as possible any second i am on the water so si need really reliable gear… No matter if its punching mast high One Eye, double mast high Tenerife Northshore or just sideoneshore low tide Cabezo… I need direct response, light weight, performance and strength to be able to concentrate on the most important! HAVING FUN ON THE WATER…

10 years of testing our masts through skyhigh Backloops, sharp coral reefs, ugly rocks, hollow waves, fat lips and gusty winds. 

And all of that for 2 reasons!

  1. So you can trust our masts in any kind of condition. If it leaves our production you can be sure we have put it through all possible conditions. Lay back, enjoy its power, response and stability. Dont worry about breaking it. If any mast can survive a situation its ours!

  2. The reason why we put the mast through all the test:? BECAUSE WE LOVE IT. WINDSURFING, ACTION AND ADRENALINE! 

Get a MAVERX Mast and join the Adrenaline family!

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