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dany bruch

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HOME SPOT                                Cabezo, El Medano , Tenerife

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                  -    1998 Junior World Champion
                  -    2008 Ranked 7th PWA Wave
                  -    2010 Ranked 5th PWA Wave
                  -    2011 Ranked 5th PWA Wave
                  -    2012 Ranked 5th PWA Wave
                  -    2014 Ranked 11th PWA Wave
                  -    2015 Ranked 9th PWA Wave
                  -    2015 4th RedBull StormChase
                  -    2016 Ranked 7th PWA Wave
                  -    2017 Ranked 10th PWAWave
                  -    2018 Ranked 10th PWA Wave



Daniel Bruch is one of the top sailors of the Professional Windsurfing Association – PWA.  It is a privilege to work with him and to be in the position of getting his  feedbacks on how to improve our range of products . 
Although his name is quite known in our field, we would like to highlight here few aspects of his career that might not been known to everyone in detail. 
Born in 1981 in Germany, fate took Dany to the Canary Islands where he has been living since then.  
He started windsurfing when he was 15 years old. His first outstanding results came quickly, being with 17 Junior World Champion and Vice Spanish National Champion.

Dany’s main occupation after competing and traveling around the world, was to design and develop the wave board range for Starboard for the past 7 years, until he has set up now his own windsurf board brand: “Bruch Boards”
designed and developed in the Canary Islands, CNC shaped and handcrafted in Thailand. Dany also organises one of the Wave Tour legs in the Canary Islands. Since 2011, Tenerife has been on the Calendar, having great success for 8 years in row with an average of 3.400.000 € Media Value in TV each year. 

These pills of his life as a waterman cannot end without mentioning his second biggest passion: big wave surfing. Dany, together with his friends, surfs the biggest waves in the Canary Islands 
to reach his goals and join the Big Wave World Tour.

This crazy guy who puts so much effort in the best sports in the world is a perfect match to our passion and dedication and will certainly help us to perfect even more our masts range .

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